Our History
In the Beginning
Service International began in 1985 as a support agency for missionaries and other charitable organizations, but its focus took a critical turn in summer 1993. Our headquarters were submerged in torrents of filthy floodwater during the Great Flood of '93, which wreaked disaster in the Chesterfield Valley of Missouri and throughout the Midwest. SI, along with hundreds of other businesses and individuals, had to decide: Let the disaster destroy us, or work to survive and rebuild.


Overcoming the Flood
SI chose to survive and rebuild. Our founder, Jeff Perry, was appointed to the Mayor's Task Force on disaster recovery, and we accepted the challenge of spearheading the clean-up effort. During those months of restoration, SI coordinated over 8,000 volunteers and provided $350,000 in resources to help clean up and rebuild the Valley, assisting each business and individual who asked.


Today, our valley is booming! Commercial and residential property in Chesterfield is a valuable commodity. Many new homes have been built and several large corporations have set up operations in this fully recovered area.

Just Getting Started . . .
That was only the beginning for SI and its volunteer network. With the experience and expertise gained from this personal disaster, SI now reaches into devastated communities around the world with leadership training, volunteer coordination, materials, supplies, and hands-on rebuilding.