Survey the Scene
Our Focus

For nearly 20 years, Service International has been a force in the restoration of communities stricken by wars and natural disasters--at home and abroad.

We provide what's needed most when it's needed: food, water, and essential supplies for immediate needs; volunteers, tools, equipment, and materials for rebuilding; and skilled medical and dental professionals to bring health and strength. But the greatest and most enduring commodity SI provides is hope. Simply put, Service International is not just about rebuilding houses--we are also about rebuilding lives.

Our Model

With the hands-on experience gained in the recovery efforts in Chesterfield, Missouri, after the flood of 1993, Service International developed a model to organize and equip communities and volunteers for restoration. SI has used this model in recovery efforts in Kinston, North Carolina; Falmouth, Kentucky; Victoria, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Arcadia and Pensacola, Florida. Many of these areas are now fully recovered from the disaster that struck their region.