Team Members

Jeff Perry
Founder & President

Jeff Perry is founder and president of Service International as well as founder and pastor of the 4000-member St. Louis Family Church. He also serves as Chaplain of the Chesterfield Police Department. Jeff is a visionary who has given his life to serving God and others. When he finished college in 1980, he first worked as a missionary in Europe, then returned to the U.S. to serve as a youth pastor in St. Louis. He founded Service International in 1985 and St. Louis Family Church three years later. Jeff is a highly sought-after speaker, teaching at Hollywood media conferences, universities, churches, and crusades all over the world.

Trey Perry

Trey Perry has spent most of his adult life in foreign lands as a Service International missionary. He has served in 30 nations throughout Eastern and Western Europe and Africa, residing in Germany for eight years. He was living near the Berlin Wall when it fell and was one of the first Americans to enter East Germany. Trey's experience in international travel and intercultural relations is invaluable to Service International. He has made several humanitarian trips throughout Eastern Europe, taking medicine, food, and financial assistance to those in need. Trey is based at SI headquarters in St. Louis but he travels extensively, planning outreaches, evaluating projects, and coordinating volunteers.

Ed Fasnacht
Project Manager

Ed Fasnacht came to Service International to work as a building consultant during the Great Flood of 1993. Since then, he's been an integral part of the SI team. Before joining the SI staff, Ed was a successful entrepreneur in both the commercial and non-profit sectors. He started two contracting businesses, two churches, and two benevolence outreach ministries that are still thriving today. In 1990, Ed took part in a church-construction mission trip to Mexico that changed his life forever. He learned on that trip that he could use his skills as a contractor and as a leader to help people in need all over the world. Now, with SI, he utilizes those skills and helps motivate others to develop and maximize the most of their talents.

Patti Fasnacht
Executive Assistant

Patti Fasnacht has worked with her husband, Ed, to build two contracting businesses, a church, and two thriving benevolence outreach ministries. She joined the staff of St. Louis Family Church in 1994, and worked as receptionist, secretary, and clerk accountant until August 1999, when she joined the SI staff during the Kosova refugee crisis. Her keen understanding of international affairs and her experience with non-profit accounting make her an invaluable asset for Service International. Patti supports every SI project with book and recordkeeping, secretarial duties, and on-site project support. Patti also loves to spend time with SI volunteers as they come and go on outreach trips and she helps ensure that every participant has a life-changing experience.

John Barbeau
Domestic Projects

John Barbeau has incredible leadership talents and construction experience that are a great support for Service International. He gained those skills and experience by serving as a platoon leader and company commander in combat during the Viet Nam war and by spending 35 years as an aggregate inspector with the Illinois Highway Department. Since becoming an SI volunteer in 1993, John has joined nearly every SI Disaster Response Team, serving as crew leader on many of them. After he retired, John joined the SI staff to help plan and lead construction trips and to manage the warehouse. John's skills and experience really come together at Service International.