Read about SI's recent flood relief work in Pacific, Missouri.


July - August

City of Winfield Presents Plaque to Service International.

UPDATE: September 1, 2008 -- SI volunteers accomplished a great deal in Winfield. Our flood relief efforts there have ended at this time. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers.

AUGUST 15, 2008, WINFIELD, MO—On June 18, floodwaters breached a primary levee along the Mississippi River in Winfield, Missouri, swamping dozens of homes and large tracts of farmland. The waters have receded, and Service International is responding, sending work teams to Winfield to help homeowners recover from the devastation of the recent floods. Volunteers have been shoveling debris, tearing out soaked drywall and ruined floors, and bringing comfort and hope to families in this small Lincoln County community.

So far, 910 volunteers have contributed 6360 hours of work—the equivalent of more than $114,500 worth of labor! Sixty projects have been completed, 13 projects are in process, and 25 more are waiting to be started. Hundreds of volunteers have also been working in 100-degree heat to tear down the Winfield sandbag levee, which was 3/4 of a mile long and six to twenty feet high—more than 500,000 sandbags! To date, 150 tandem truckloads of sand have been hauled away, but 30 yards of the wall still remain.