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Fall 2010

Service International's Kosovo dental clinic operates five days a week and has seven chairs and two full-time staff dentists, two full-time dental assistants, and supporting office staff. Volunteer dental professionals travel to Kosovo twice a year from several states in the US and from South Africa.

The Fonderia has housed the clinic since 2004, and it has served as our European base of operations. The building used to be a Communist industrial building complex, but in 1999, SI quickly moved in, establishing emergency relief operations for rebuilding and providing food, medical assistance and volunteer lodging in a portion of the complex. The building has been usable, and the industrious SI Kosovo managers, Memli and Fatush Bokshi, have done some inspired renovating to accommodate SI's changing needs. But the years have taken their toll on the exterior structure, and the center has long been in need of major repairs and renovation. Now, SI is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new building to house our Kosovo dental clinic and our European Headquarters.


• The new facility provides 10,000 square feet in a prime location in the heart of Gjakova, on the city's main road next to the Sports Palace and four blocks from High Schools.

• The space is new and doesn't leak; it has "city heat"; and it offers clean, dry, pest-free storage, which means we will be able to use every inch of the property.

• Two apartments are included in the lease so that we will have housing for short-term teams. There is also room to hold meetings, add showers and bathrooms, and build dividing walls. Plans include building dorm rooms for large teams of 20 or more and installing a kitchen off the multi-functional area when teams are present.

• There's also space for two more dental chairs, which means we will be able to serve more patients at one time. Last year, SI dentists treated 4771 patients, and this year the SI Dental Clinic of Gjakova is on track to exceed that number!


While retrofitting takes place in the new building, the existing dental clinic will continue serving patients until the end of the year. Every year, the clinic closes for a week or two during the Christmas holidays. This year, we will use that time to move equipment, furniture and supplies from the old building to the new one. This means that by 2011, the clinic will be in its new home!

Because of the generosity of faithful SI partners -- St. Louis Family Church, Moore Life Ministries, and Joyce Meyer Ministries -- Service International continues to hold open the wide door of effective service to the people of Kosovo! Thank you!

Service International European Headquarters is within a ten-hour drive to: Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Romania. Just add four hours more to reach Istanbul, Moldova and Italy!

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