Our Approach

Complete Restoration

SI approaches a project  with one goal in mind: complete restoration. We send survey teams to a potential work site to assess the damage and feasibility of recovery and meet with local government officials and community leaders. We also seek out the most vulnerable residents of a devastated area--the elderly, widows, orphans, and low-income residents--to assess their needs and see how we can help.

Next we look for local churches, businesses, and organizations who can partner with us:

--Allowing SI to use buildings for local bases of operation.
--Providing needed building materials at cost.
--Directing local volunteers through our program.
--Recommending residents who desperately need assistance.

Along with volunteer labor and cooks, SI brings a Project Director who coordinates volunteers and construction and serves as a liaison between homeowners and local task forces.

No Job Is Too Big

From mucking and cleaning out  . . .  to gutting and rebuilding . . .  to building from the ground up, SI has taken on every part of the rebuilding process and has been a force in the restoration of many regions stricken by natural disasters and war. Most of all, throughout the recovery process, SI seeks to empower individuals and communities to succeed--thereby turning disaster victims into disaster overcomers.