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Love The Neighborhood — Build A Bag, Christmas 2010

Service International teamed up with St. Louis Family Church to distribute groceries to families in St. Louis. Nearly 500 volunteers braved the cold weather to hand-deliver nearly 3,000 bags filled with all the makings for a delicious Christmas dinner -- in all, it was enough food to feed more than 14,000 people! The volunteers also gave out $79,000 worth of diapers and baby supplies. Thank you to everyone who donated food items and baby supplies and to our volunteers who worked so hard to make this Christmas extra special for so many of our neighbors.

Love the Neighborhood — Summer 2010

On August 7, Service International partnered with St. Louis Family Church for an exciting and memorable day for the people of the 27th Ward area! Nearly 6000 people attended our summer Love The Neighborhood event. Guest speaker Reinhard Bonnke stirred everyone’s heart, and 400 people responded to his message of God’s Good News.

Here are some interesting facts that sum up the giving spirit of Love The Neighborhood 2010:

• 700 volunteers worked hard to give a special day to our St. Louis neighbors.
• 1400 families were served.
• Dental volunteers saw 373 kids and gave $28,000 in free dental care!
• About 3500 children received shoes and back-to-school backpacks filled with supplies.
• 9800 pieces/sets of clothes were distributed, along with:
   –1900 packages of baby wipes.
   –9600 diapers and 2400 diaper covers.

It was a hot day, and grown-ups and kids consumed:
• 5 tons of ice
• 11,000 hot dogs
• Over 32,000 drinks (not counting water)!

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and people and organizations who gave and served to make this wonderful day possible. God bless you!

Love the Neighborhood — Spring 2010

More than 350 SI volunteers turned out for our spring Love The Neighborhood event in St. Louis. Thirty-three homeowners and a high school in North St. Louis got some much-needed help.

Volunteers of all ages descended on the Northwest Academy and cleaned up the grounds, trimmed bushes, mulched, planted shrubs, and painted a chain link fence. The homeowners were single moms, residents with disabilities, and senior citizens, and volunteers pitched in to clean up and treat flooded basements and haul away damaged items and furniture -- jobs the residents couldn't do themselves. At the end of the day, more than 2100 work hours were given to love and serve this St. Louis neighborhood.

Watch a "Love The Neighborhood" video!

Give Kids A Smile

Fall and Winter
St. Louis University Campus

Twice each year in St. Louis, the home of our international headquarters, Service International partners with the Greater St. Louis Dental Society. "Give Kids A Smile," a fall and winter weekend program that takes place on the campus of St. Louis University, provides free dental care to inner city children.

No medical or dental skills are required. You're there for a few hours on the weekend to assist the dentists, encourage the kids, and give out smiles.

Call 636.733.8367 to find out how you can be part of our next GKAS.

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