About Us

We are a disaster relief organization based in Chesterfield, Missouri. Our purpose is to honor God and help people. Our literal approach to the biblical command to”go into all the World . . .” compels us to be involved both locally and globally.

International Missions

While we are primarily focused on disaster relief, Service International provides aid and support for various needs all over the World.

Volunteer Based

As a subsidiary organization to St. Louis Family Church, Service International has no overhead costs or payroll costs. This allows all financial donations to go directly to the mission of helping people.


Each project is different from the last. This necessitates fast and proficient skills. We have developed systems to quickly put large groups of people to effective work.

Our Team

Jeff Perry

Founder & President

Trey Perry


Ed Fasnacht

Project Manager

Patti Fasnacht

Executive Assistant

John Barbeau

Domestic Projects

Get Involved

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